Universal Safety Welness

How to Survive the Workplace

Please don’t become another statistic

As my phone rang, the instant feeling of dread hit me in the pit of my stomach.  My safety intuition had unfortunately got it right. As the words that were spoken to me described a workplace injury that had just occurred.

Sadly, another person had been injured on the job and I’m not sure if you know, but high-risk work activities are very unforgiving when something does go wrong.

Now I will be honest with you. This was not the first time that I had felt that sense of dread, and it unfortunately wasn’t the last time that I got a call about a person being injured at work.

The unfortunate part to share with you is that every injury could have all been avoided. But things like lack of knowledge, complacency, accepted norms, taking short cuts, and organisational culture were a few of the things that contributed to a person being harmed that could have all been better influenced.

I know what some people have said and may unfortunately still believe, that certain jobs just come with a price tag whereby people lose their life. This is the biggest crock of shit.

With all of today’s engineering and technology advances, there should be no worker that loses their life because of a workplace incident.

So, in saying that. I want to share something important with you and reiterate it…

Your life doesn’t have to be the price paid for you to do any job

What, crazy I know. But the rise also of workplace caused stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue and more is frightening. It is no wonder that workplace injuries are continuing to occur. How is anyone meant to remain focused, manage their mental and emotional wellbeing,

balance demands of their life outside of work, as well as the continuous growing work demands that get added to the job?

Now I know many people previously associated having to survive the workplace as meaning having to find ways to avoid being physically harmed, you know like avoiding getting your hand caught in machinery etc.  But what about the mental and emotional factors?

Remember your worth

Don’t allow yourself to become a workplace statistic.

The time for change is now. Integrating safety wellness practices into the way you make decisions and follow through on them, strengthens and builds the habits that help you to prevent receiving a permanent non-fatal and fatal injury at work.

Don’t take shortcuts and choose to not follow procedural requirements.

Learn how to effectively think, see, speak, feel, listen, and act in ways to strengthen your safety wellbeing.