From the Workface to the Boardroom.

Director of Universal Safety Wellness Pty Ltd

Hello, I’m Angelina

After working in high-risk industries for many years I established Universal Safety Wellness Pty Ltd a company designed to provide support to businesses and individuals to make a positive change in industries where workers are negatively being impacted.
My passion and purpose is to help you become empowered to make safer decisions that support you think, feel, and act in ways that allow you to not just survive but thrive in your workplace.
From my years of experience and studies I have uniquely created the 6 universal step coaching program to reduce workplace incidents and increase capabilities.


Reduce workplace incidents, increase productivity & holistically empower you to strengthen how you:




So you can make decisions and take actions daily to help keep you safe today, tomorrow & well into the future

“I highly recommend Angelina Badri at Universal Safety Wellness for any health, risk, audit assurance or safety & risk coaching needs. From the work face to the boardroom, Angelina delivers a no-nonsense approach with a focus on immediate and sustainable outcomes”

~ HSE Director

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    Have You Still Got A Question About The Coaching Programs? Why Not Book A Call with Me and Create The Change You Need Today?
    Have You Still Got A Question About The Universal Safety Wellness Academy Program? Why Not Book A Call With Your Support Team and Create The Change You Need Today?