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Become Self-Empowered.

Self-empowerment means having confidence, understanding, and the ability to believe in yourself to make decisions daily that support you take action and create habits that help you achieve your goals.

Self-empowerment includes cultivating skills that would ultimately allow you to influence certain outcomes and produce tangible results. The Universal Safety Wellness traits encompass the idea that empowering people strengthen their ability to …




What are some of the benefits of practicing self-empowerment? For starters, it helps increase performance while also reducing workplace incidents.

Take control, reduce workplace incidents and increase productivity.

Start your road to self-empowerment inside the Universal Safety Wellness Academy, where you will learn how to build your understanding and skills to go from trying to survive in your workplace to thrive in it by achieving both personal and professional growth and development. 

Become empowered, take control, identify goals, develop your competencies, and build holistic habits.

At the Universal Safety Wellness Academy, Angelina Badri, an experienced safety and business professional and coach, will walk you through why you have been struggling to see the results you want and find out what’s holding you back. She will share with you her most powerful learnings, effective templates, and the universal 6-step formula to harness the power of self-empowerment, creating ongoing success.

Strengthen Your Workplace Excellence and Wellbeing Leadership Skills

To achieve people excellence in the workplace, organisations need to focus on the growth and development of individuals. At Universal Safety Wellness we help businesses support their employees produce excellent results.

You don’t have to continue to try and do it alone. To help improve workplace performance, turn unhealthy workplaces /work environments into ones which create a more harmonious atmosphere for everyone to work collaboratively towards achieving the same goals. We will build personal empowerment, provide guidance, support, trust, resources, and time to support you achieve your goals and objectives.

Self-empowerment also means having the confidence to ask for help when it’s needed and showing the courage and compassion to help others in your workplace when the situation arises.

Let’s put a stop to those workplace incidents occurring.

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