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Learn how to not only survive in any workplace but thrive by utilizing the uniquely designed holistic Universal Safety Wellness programs that teach you how to strengthen your decision-making skills and build safer habits. Our programs not only give you the knowledge to help you strengthen your capabilities, but also provides you with the tools to implement to execute and achieve measurable ongoing success.

We have so much support to offer you and want you to succeed in whatever role you are in, whatever stage of your journey you are on, and whatever scope of service you offer.

Coaching Support Program

Continue to strengthen your professional capabilities, develop your decision-making skills, and lean how to build the habits that keep you and others operating safely in the workplace.
By taking part in the uniquely created Universal Safety Wellness Professional Coaching Program, you will learn how to integrate a holistic approach to help you repeatedly do your job effectively, efficiently, and safely.
With tools designed and provided to you, you will be supported throughout your professional development journey. Allowing you to be successful in your current and any future job role.

Transformational Frontline Leadership Development Program

Need to close your skills gap and build your frontline leadership skills to equip yourself with the ability to be a transformational frontline leader?

Well look no further because you have found the program that has been uniquely designed to provide you with holistic training to strengthen your dynamic capabilities.

You not only get access to online training, but also bonus tools you can download and start using immediately. Making it easy to put into practice the tips and techniques taught to you. 

Workplace Safety Wellbeing Program

You no longer have to feel alone or unsupported as you try and navigate through finding ways to survive your workplace. Now that Universal Safety Wellness has uniquely designed this online course you can now be supported to develop the holistic decision-making skills to help you put into action, and build the habits to better manage your mental, emotional, and physical workplace safety wellbeing.

Be guided on your journey to success and enlightenment.

Consulting Programs

Many businesses operate with a lean team and require support to achieve measurable ongoing success.

Want to be provided with a ‘Done for You’ consulting service, where you not only get provided with subject matter expertise but also support getting the required work done?

By participating in our consulting program, we will help empower you to optimise business performance and profitability, as well as strengthen your organisational safety wellbeing.

Don’t wait any longer to achieve success. Start your tailor-made, fit for purpose consulting program today.

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