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Key Health & Safety Wellbeing Questions

Need help to decide whether it’s worth risking the safety wellbeing of your people, your assets or your business? Here are some important questions to asks yourself to help you decide on the right answer:

Do I know everything I should about Workplace Heath, Safety and Wellbeing requirements?

Have adequate Workplace Safety Risk Assessments been carried out?

Are the risks being reduced to So Far As Is Reasonabily Practicable?

Are the legal obligations of the business and employees being met in relation to Workplace Health & Safetly?

Do I have documented evidence to demonstrate due diligence to allow my business to be compliant?

Can I afford to be prosicuted under the current Workplace Health & Safety Legislation?

“I highly recommend Angelina Badri at Universal Safety Wellness for any health, risk, audit assurance or safety & risk coaching needs. From the work face to the boardroom, Angelina delivers a no-nonsense approach with a focus on immediate and sustainable outcomes”

– HSE Director

“Angelina has a wealth of WHS experience and knowledge that she shares and utilises to assist organisations improve their safety culture and WHS systems/processes. Angelina has a high EQ that assists when discussing WHS matters with different levels of the organisation”

– Chief Strategy Officer

“Angelina is dedicated and passionate to help her customers with teaching the right safety processes.
Wellness is her number one priority that she will share with you and open your mind to the change that keeps everyone safe. Angelina is a wealth of knowledge and experience and l have no doubt in recommending Angelina to help your business to be a safer environment”.

– Chief Sales Officer

Become Self-Empowered

At Universal Safety Wellness, we believe and have proven that it is possible to create safer workplaces by empowering people.

According to Australian Bureau Work Related Injuries Survey, in 2017-18 more than 560,000 people were estimated to have had a work-related injury or disease regardless of whether any compensation claim was made.

Of these:

39% did not require any time off work,

6.4% took part of a day or shift off work,

25% took 1-4 days off work, and

25% took 5 or more days off work.

The remaining 3.6% had not returned to work since the work-related injury or illness occurred (ABS 2019).

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