Universal Safety Welness

What we do.

Holistic Solutions

Our holistic approach means our specialist team is dedicated to considering the whole picture when it comes to workplace safety and safety wellness. We’re committed to delivering real solutions that focus on all aspects of safety.

Collaborative Integrated Business Services

We don’t just work for you, we work with you. By providing a collaborative integrated business service, we establish meaningful partnerships to build a sense of trust and community, strengthening solidarity, allowing us to achieve safe and successful outcomes together.

Self-Empowerment Support

Whether you’re an individual, organisation or third-party our methods empower you to harness holistic decision-making techniques, develop your safety wellness capabilities, cultivate better work practices and develop an overall transformative framework around safety wellness, while promoting resilience within the workplace.


Client Representative, Origin Energy

Training & Quality Manager, Savanna Energy

Site Manager, QER

Contracted Refueling Operator for IOR supported QGC shutdown work

Head of Transport at IOR Petroleum

Chief Strategy Officer, NuGrow

Group Tyre Specialist, Sojitz Blue Pty Ltd

General Manager, Sojitz Blue Pty Ltd

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